my boyfriends friend wants to talk about oppression 

but like I know he really doesn’t want to talk - he just wants to assert himself as a ‘smart’ white dude who knows more than I do about the world because he’s seen more of it and he’s talked to ~people of all walks of life~ (which I suspect to be code for assimilated/ing poc)

but I also know he’s really rich and so I proposed that he pay me for my time as there is no such thing as a discussion about racism with a white person - it’s completely one sided as I try and assert that I am a human being despite the states conditioning and treatment of me and my people while he asserts that what I see is not at all actual - that my experiences aren’t shared nor are they anything but isolated incidents.

so yeah - I hope I make some fucking coins off this shit cause I know my spirit gon’ be test. ed.

  1. maplestoried said: brilliant. i might employ such a tactic in the future.
  2. queenfeminist said: Hes a rich white dude…. Wtf does he know about oppression….
  3. iridessence said: Get your money
  4. tarttings said: is this gonna be on your ustream?