embraceherbeauty asked:

hey I was just wondering where you buy your tights ad leggings. I just bought a dress that I would like to wear tights with but last time I bought some (from target) they wouldn't even pull up past my thighs. I also bought some leggings from target and they all end up ripping in the inner thigh area and usually are very thin to the point where you can see what color panties im wearing because my thighs and ass are big so I just wanted your opinion on where I could buy some affordable ones.

märƒmεℓℓow Answer:

oooo did you know target has a plus size line and their leggings are high waist and amazing? they’re typically in the back near the mens wear but they’re there! 

and I typically get my leggings/tights from torrid, asos curve, hips and curves or domino dollhouse.

  1. embraceherbeauty said: Thank you. My targets plus size section is basically a rack of overpriced bullshit maybe they have them online though. Im a US size 17 so im in the transition phase where the “normal” sized clothes tend to be a bit tight & the plus sized clothes tend to be a bit big.
  2. unskinny said: I wear a US size 24 and Old Navy’s straight size leggings fit me and my big ol’thighs. But Target’s plus size leggings are really nice and a good price too if you can find them.
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