I cannot be the only POC

who has been told by someone white that their animal - usually a dog - was racist and that’s why it attacked me/I can’t come over their home.

because this has happened multiple times

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    I feel like dogs are not independently racist…but might definitely be picking up on aggression/fear from their owner or...
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    Yep. That shit pisses me off to the core. I walk pass a dog and it barks, it’s because it’s racist. Yes because animals...
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    I wouldn’t go so far as to say my dog is racist, I especially wouldn’t laugh about it, but I had a rescue dog as a child...
  5. obelisq said: Had three separate people tell me that shit. Side eye every time and friendship severed.
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    I’m usually telling white people that their pets are racist. Both of my neighbours currently have racist dogs that only...
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    this is a combination of two things i fear most: racism and dogs.
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    Dogs/animals take after their owners. If the owner is a racist asshole, the dog will be too. Therefore, if someone said...
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    I had a neighbor when I was living in Germany who would tell that lie. Funnily enough the story changed after the dog...
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    People tell me that their animal ” just doesn’t like black people” all the time. -_-
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  14. jenfromappelton said: I’ve been told that,but because I am Jewish.
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    This is true my dogs are racist. But they are racist against black people and Latinos. This isn’t my fault. Our neighbor...
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    I had a white friend who told me that about her mom’s favorite dog; but that didn’t keep me from coming over. They’d...
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  20. unskinny said: I have heard people say this way too much. It’s fucked.
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    This is just fucking ridiculous.