Anonymous asked:

why should people donate money to you? why do you deserves peoples hard earned money when half of them struggle financially?

märƒmεℓℓow Answer:

a donation is a when someone gives to you because they have enough to be able to give to you.

no one donates what they don’t have dear, but thank you for asking, I just want to be clear that there’s no gun being held to anyones head and I appreciate the donations for multiple reasons.

I’m in the middle of moving out of my boyfriends house after learning her fucked my best friend, I’m also trying to replace my i.d. and other legal documents. I’m in no way saying that my struggle is more important than anyone eles, but there are people out there, as you’ll notice with the ask before yours, that are wanting to help me and I appreciate and will let them.


  1. dreathefunkyhomosapien said: What is wrong with asking, for help?! And what the hell is wrong with getting help? We are all struggling. Some more than others. Regardless, it is a struggle. If you can help someone.Why not?! This whole “I’m not giving handouts” mentality needs to stop
  2. pussypoplikecolacoca said: YAS NIPPY let em know
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